Saturday, 15 November 2014

Throw Back on Halloween

Oh those times.. It was Halloween ! Finally got these picture also here to my blog and I need to apologise that it took this long time with them - I can't even believe how busy i've been  - but words to descripe my life right now would be super busy and so happyhappyhappy, because xmas is coming !!!!  And things are starting to go again better as they did while ago, I have been ill almost one week now, but finally going to be healthy again so it's good again to feel that energy in my body - i have missed it !
  Anyway, here's some pictures from my really special one: I did my first pumpkin, experienced Zombie walk through Herne Bay and really dressed up like I did last time when I was a child ! It was awesome and something what haven't ever seen before !! 

Picture is picked from

I'll try to make time as quick as possible to put more pictures from my life since two weeks before they'll become too old and too many to put here and show you !
I think I need to apologise too my worst english ever .. Hah, I can't believe it has been this bad the whole week - I really hope after this 'hard times' to speak it, it really will become better (:D) !!

xx Anna

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