Sunday, 1 March 2015

Scotland, Takes Me Back There

Ooh,  I woke up today really early because the sun was shining into my bed, it really makes so huge different when I can see the small details reminding me from the spring. Today is one of the days without alarm clock, without any timing with my day... Any  rush anywere - I love it. And finally I found time to write this blog again, after a while, hah.

Here is few pictures from the Edinburgh trip we did with Into at our last Halfterm in February, I'll come back with more pictures and tell more about what we did. It was definitely the most beautiful place what I've ever seen; or ever even will see. I wouldn't ever expect to tell anyone how I fell in love with it; I will go back there some day again;  I fell in love with the bagpipe sound, thought I wouldn't like it, but I think anyone can't hate it, it just belongs there and makes the city just so unbelievable and more alive. I fell in love the people, how polite everyone were. Top of the hills we could see  most of the whole city , until the seaside and even more far away. We saw something new, something what not everyone can see. Scotland is known also with the  rainy weather - but we had so good luck that it didn't rain at all. The wind was chilly, but the warm soups and take-away coffee saved us, more than ones.

The way to Edingurgh took 8 hours with the train, it was reaally long, but the views changed so much during our way closer and closer the Scotland, so it couldn't be boring that long. We were, without lying, like small kids again, looking from the windows of our train, taking pictures and beeing so high with the adrenaline we got. If nothing else, at least we had fun, the trip was done with my best friends - I wouldn't change anything from it.

xx Anna


  1. Im jealous for ur trip!! Looks great and I diggaan the Scottish man ;)

    1. I diggailen sua, vien sut joku pv tonne <3